Daily Play

On 6th May 2011 Daily Play ended so the following information listed below is for information purposes only.
It will come as no great shock that the Daily Play was a draw that took place every day. The only exception being Sundays and Christmas day. That gave the daily player 312 chances to win in a single year amounting to the possibility of £9,360,000. With the low odds and a high prize fund, this could lead to many daily celebrations to lighten your year.

To take part in the Daily Play all you needed to do was to select 7 numbers from 1 to 27, as with many of the other UK lotto games you can take advantage of the Lucky dip, which would randomly generate numbers for the draw. If you do not have the interest in picking numbers yourself. Again, like the main UK lottery, a player could also purchase tickets for upcoming draws, eliminating the need to purchase tickets individually on a daily basis.

There was the main prize of £30,000 that could be won daily, however one of the unique aspects of the daily lotto was that if no numbers are matched then there is a consolidation prize of a free daily draw ticket.

There were also three different ways of winning, details of which are displayed below:

Ways to win Prize money (£) Odds of success
Match 7 numbers 30,000 1 in 888,030
Match 6 numbers 300 1 in 6,344
Match 5 numbers 30 1 in 223
Match 4 numbers 5 1 in 23
Match 0 numbers Free Daily Draw ticket 1 in 12

After winning the player had 180 days to claim their winnings, otherwise the prize was forfeited. By entering online you were informed of any winnings through some form or notary method, and so missing out on winnings was not an issue.