Dream lotto

Dream lotto was replaced in February 2011 with the new Lotto Plus 5 game from the National Lottery. All of the following information therefore remains just for information as the game is no longer played.

Dream Number was a branch of the UK lotto, offering a unique way of winning. Whereas most lotteries are played as individual games, the Dream number had to be played in conjunction with the main UK lotto. The Dream Number differed from most lottos as the way in which you could win was subtly different in that the order of the numbers was as important as which numbers were picked. Read on to further discover about this hybrid lotto.

The Dream lotto was a randomly selected combination of seven single digit numbers between 0 and 9. There was no need to select numbers as they were randomly selected at the point of purchase. As afore mentioned the Dream Number was played in conjunction with the UK lotto, and so it follows that it could be played every Wednesday and Saturday.

In order to win one of the prizes you had to match one or more of the digits in the correct position. The prize values were tiered depending on the amount matched. For example if you were randomly selected the digits 3141592 and the draw brings up a 3 in the first place, then you win the smallest prize of £2, if the second is 1, then you have matched two digits and so win the prize of £10. This progresses towards the grand prize of £500,000 for matching all 7 digits.

As there were 7 digits that are selected, there was the possibility of one of 7 levels of winnings, they were as follows:

Ways To Win Prize money (£)Odds of winning
Match 7 of the digits in order 500,0001 in 10,000,000
Match 6 of the digits in order 50,0001 in 1,111,112
Match 5 of the digits in order 50001 in 111,112
Match 4 of the digits in order 5001 in 11,112
Match 3 of the digits in order 1001 in 1,111
Match 2 of the digits in order 101 in 111
Match 1 of the digits in order 21 in 11